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Welcoming The Holy Spirit With Padre Pio

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Welcoming The Holy Spirit With Padre Pio

Susan De Bartoli

Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the Living Water that feeds our well of faith.

When asked about his spiritual gifts of healing, bilocation, prophecy, and stigmata, Padre Pio replied, "You know, they are a mystery to me, too." While you might think he is just being modest, he is actually getting at the heart of how the Holy Spirit works in every Christian's life. We can't fully understand why God gives us certain gifts, but as we walk with Christ, we can engage with this mystery and journey towards holiness.

In Welcoming the Holy Spirit with Padre Pio, Susan De Bartoli shares stories and wisdom from the life of this humble monk to show how we can use our unique spiritual gifts to love others and draw from the well of faith to encounter Christ in profound ways.

Following the success of her Advent devotional, Welcoming the Christ Child with Padre Pio, Susan De Bartoli invites you to explore Padre Pio's relationship with the third member of the Blessed Trinity, the Holy Spirit, who is the source of all spiritual gifts.

Through the stories of this simple Capuchin priest, you'll discover what is possible for those who surrender themselves to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At Baptism, we all receive the fruits of the Spirit-gifts like wisdom, fortitude, and piety-that empower us to "dive deep" into the well of faith. The Holy Spirit also graces some of us with special charisms-supernatural gifts such as healing, teaching, or intercessory abilities-intended to serve the Church. In this book, you'll learn how to nurture these gifts, just as Padre Pio did, so that even your "ordinary" spiritual gifts and charisms can bless others and deepen your own faith.

Each chapter offers quotations from Padre Pio, a short story about the saint, prayer, and reflection questions that you can apply to your own life, such as:

  • What are my spiritual gifts and how have I seen them play out in my life already?
  • Am I consistently drinking from the well of faith?
  • What does the Lord want me to do with my life, and how can I use my spiritual gifts to serve the Church?
  • Am I willing to surrender even the good things in my life to glorify the Lord?


144 Pages


Ave Maria Press


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Welcoming The Holy Spirit With Padre Pio

Welcoming The Holy Spirit With Padre Pio