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Vices and Virtues: Knowing, Accepting and Improving Yourself

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A Step-by Step Guide to Conquering Your Vices and Controlling Your Virtues

by: Alejandro Ortega Trillo

Behind every virtue is a vice. Likewise, behind every vice is a virtue that, when developed and strengthened, can overcome the vice, writes Fr. Ortega, an authority in moral behavior. In Vices and Virtues, he reveals how to leverage faults and weaknesses to forge virtues.

In this three-part how-to guide, readers will get to know themselves with honesty, learn to accept themselves and their faults in humility, and begin to improve their lives by cultivating virtues.

It might seem like an impossible task, but you’ll have help and motivation from the highest source. Developing virtue can help you achieve balance in your life and holiness.

160 pages. 5.5 x 8.5 Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9780764826085
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Vices and Virtues: Knowing, Accepting and Improving Yourself