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The Search for Common Ground

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What Unites and Divides Catholic Americans.

Professor Jim Davidson of Purdue University and his associates completed a national survey of Catholics and our beliefs. The Catholic Pluralism Project examined the extent of diversity among American Catholics, the causes of these differences, and their implications for pastoral practice.

In the groundbreaking book that emerged from their research, The Search for Common Ground, Dr. Davidson and his co-authors profile currently practicing Catholics over age 18. His research will help you understand exactly what today's Catholics believe and what they don't believe, as well as what they know and what they don't know.

These findings will have profound implications for Catholic leaders, educators, pastors, and communicators. Supplemented with extensive graphs and charts, The Search for Common Ground is a resource for anyone who works in Church ministry, and for anyone who seeks to understand what has happened in the Catholic Church since Vatican II.

256 pages. Hardback.
ISBN: 9780879739256
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The Search for Common Ground

The Search for Common Ground