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The Lies of Our Time

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The Lies of Our Time

Anthony Esolen

The genius of Anthony Esolen, dubbed "the best writer in America," again shines through in these pages. Esolen deftly weaves together literature, history, and contemporary examples to masterfully reveal objective truth to a culture assailed by one fusillade of lies after another. In these incisive pages, containing fresh, logical insights about belief in God, you will rediscover beauty and reason in your life.

Through captivating stories and pearls of wisdom, you will see common threads that will lead you to a deeper sense of gratitude, awe, and wonder about the sacredness of life. Thus renewed, you will be empowered to share the liberating truth of God's love with others. You will discover:

∗The two conditions to which refusal to believe in God conforms us
∗The evils that result from a utilitarian rejection of absolute values
∗Seven lies in contemporary society - and the truths that they attempt to hide
∗How you can become more discerning to detect the language of lies
∗Ways in which beauty is illuminating and reflects the truth
∗The dangers of experiments against reality (e.g., with sexual relations, gender, etc.)

You will be edified by unvarnished real-world examples of authentic community building (and tearing down) in families, schools, and society. In addition, you will find out what equality really means in education and relationships as well as how to grow in true obedience and virtue.

Esolen includes a special reflection on the Ten Commandments and how they relate to your life personally today.

He reveals numerous oxymorons inherent in society's advancement of feminism and wars against organized religion, sound schooling, health care, and manliness - all while elevating your ability to sift through misinformation and distorted statistics. Whether using examples from miracles, philology, or math, he will help restore your belief in the transcendent.


215 Pages


Sophia Institute Press


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The Lies of Our Time

The Lies of Our Time