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The Faith Explained 3rd Ed.

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by Fr. Leo J. Trese

The Faith Explained is an all-in-one handbook to help you understand, explain, and defend the great truths of the Catholic Faith. In brief and readable chapters, it explains the purpose of human existence, God and His perfections, the creation and fall of man, the Incarnation, the redemption, the sacraments, sacramentals, prayer, the importance of the Bible, and much more. Perfect for RCIA classes, this book is also a magnificent refresher course on the Faith for Catholics and an illuminating resource for non-Catholics with questions about the Church.

The following is a revue from This Rock Magazine, February 1992 issue.

Next to the New Testament there is no book that I have given more copies of to friends and inquirers.

A Give-Away Book!

SOME years ago I worked in a bank. On All Saints Day I told a fellow worker I would be checking out of the building at the lunch hour to go to Mass. He asked why I was going to Mass on a weekday. I explained what a holy day of obligation was and what this particular holy day meant. I even had to explain what a saint was.

These and other things I found myself explaining to a young man who had gone through twelve years of Catholic schools. This was not a surprise. He and I (as of a few years before that incident) could be described as victims of a catechetical collapse that began in the 1960s.

I recall, as a child, learning my First Communion catechism by rote. That method continued for a little while in subsequent CCD classes. Later a change took place. The standard catechism and the rote learning of doctrine were replaced by other materials and techniques. There were sessions of clipping magazine pictures for collages and baking our own bread for liturgies--such things seemed to become the norm at the expense of the basic doctrinal substance and understanding.

As I entered my teens I became, like millions of others in my generation, a lapsed Catholic. In my early twenties I was led through a sequence of events that brought about my conversion. I basically read my way back into the Catholic Church after encountering writers such as Ronald Knox, G. K. Chesterton, Arnold Lunn, and Frank Sheed.

Shortly after my conversion I began subscribing to Catholic periodicals. One carried a conversion story each month. I was amazed at how many converts mentioned a particular book that was instrumental in their conversion. The book was The Faith Explained by Leo J. Trese. I made it a point to get a copy.

The Faith Explained had seen several editions, but at that time, like so many other solid Catholic books, it had been allowed to go out of print. That didn't deter me. I had encountered this problem before and was well acquainted with used-book shops and dealers. I located a copy of The Faith Explained and discovered why so many were affected by it. I found myself picking up copies at book shops and parish flea markets, so I'd always have a stock of copies readily at hand.

My own conversion made me conscious of the need to be able to explain the faith to others. This could take place in conversation, but eventually even a long conversation, at some point, has to be broken off. The chance to pick up on it again might not arise. I got in the habit of giving away copies of The Faith Explained.

I AM delighted to report that The The Faith Explained Explained is back in print. Millions of Catholics have lapsed or have been snatched up by the sects. Most have left the Church not knowing what they were leaving. Many still-practicing Catholics don't know what they believe and so are vulnerable. The Faith Explained helps all these people. I'd rank it as one of the best explanations of Catholic belief and practice you can give the average person.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any practicing Catholic who wants a clear, solid, and satisfying explanation of the faith, nor would I hesitate to give it to a lapsed Catholic, a non-Catholic, or an anti-Catholic.

Its style is clear, easy, and engaging, and it avoids theological jargon that might confuse the reader yet doesn't speak down to the reader either. It's a smooth narrative with explanations structured around the articles of the creed, the commandments, and the sacraments. Included is a key to the catechism so it can easily be referenced for particular questions.

Having The Faith Explained back is like having spring return--it's a familiar and welcome breath of fresh air. Next to the New Testament there is no book that I have given more copies of to friends and inquirers.
-- Clayton F. Bower, Jr.

Trade Paperbck. 4.5x7 inches. 581 pages.
ISBN: 9781889334295
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The Faith Explained 3rd Ed.

The Faith Explained 3rd Ed.