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Talking with your Teen about Sex: A Practical Guide For Catholics

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Talking with your Teen about Sex

A Practical Guide for Catholics

Julia Sadusky

Are you looking for the right words--and a boost of confidence--to build trust, reduce shame, and have an ongoing and compassionate conversation with your teen about sex, one that also reinforces Catholic values?

In Talking with Your Teen About Sex, clinical psychologist Julia Sadusky answers most commonly asked questions and offers practical advice on addressing puberty, dating, intimacy, technology, pornography, and other experiences your child may navigate in their teen years and beyond.

Let's face it: if you don't proactively talk with your kids about sexuality-related experiences before puberty, they will likely learn from their friends, social media, or other sources that might not share your Christian values.

Intentionally setting aside time and focus to discuss these critical facets of human sexuality will become some of the most important minutes of your life as a parent. As you listen to what your teen knows and thinks about critical and hot-button topics and discover what you love most about their curiosities and individuality, you will both foster a deeper connection as you explore their belovedness as children of God.

Informed by the latest clinical research and drawing on the same guiding principles as Sadusky's first book, Start Talking to Your Kids about Sex--which focuses on elementary-age children--Talking with Your Teen about Sex helps equip parents to be primary educators as teens move through adolescence. Guided by Catholic teaching, this book, intended for ages ten and up, goes beyond the typical "sex talk." It will equip you to confidently communicate with your child about topics such as bodily changes, physical boundaries, sexual ethics, and masturbation with greater comfort. You'll find concrete advice and ready-to-go conversation starters for your biggest questions, including

  • Why am I having such a hard time starting the conversation?
  • What is happening to my child's body?
  • How do I actually have the sex talk?
  • How do I respond to crushes and dating?
  • What if they tell me something bad happened to them?

Sadusky gives specific attention to the ways in which boys and girls experience puberty and sexuality differently. The sexual and pubescent development of each sex is addressed individually throughout the book, and in some cases, separate chapters are designated for discussions with boys and others for discussions with girls.

Finally, Sadusky will challenge you in ways that might feel uncomfortable at times. She also will encourage you to consider your own ideas about sex and to reflect on areas of shame you may carry.

This book is for any Catholic parent and other adults entrusted with the formation of preteens and teens.


238 Pages


Ave Maria Press


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Talking with your Teen about Sex: A Practical Guide For Catholics

Talking with your Teen about Sex: A Practical Guide For Catholics