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Sketches Rio de Janeiro and Other Poems

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by Arthur Powers (local Raleigh, NC Author)

In these vivid, spare poems, Arthur Powers lifts you up and transports you into the tropics of Brazil. A clear-eyed verbal photographer, he presents absorbing images, images evoking misery and merriment, innocence and violence, playful children and old beggars, teeming rain and desert-like sand and dust. Splashed with bright colors, his poetry is an immersion in this distinctive culture through one who sees with both unflinching eyes and an appreciative heart. His guided tour, rich with delights, is both revelatory and unforgettable.
- Patricia Schnapp, RSM, Ph.D., co-editor of The Best American Catholic Short Stories

I have often wondered whether I truly appreciated the deep rich mix of history, culture, music, literature and spiritualism that Brazil so graciously offered.... I only learned through reflection later in life to value those aspects of Brazil which, I am glad to say, were not lost on Arthur and Brenda. I don't think any Americans could have entered any more deeply into the joys and struggles of another society and culture than did the Powers family.... Arthur's best short stories and poems emerged from those decades of bicultural engagement. I cannot imagine a better way for an American to begin to understand Brazil from the inside out than to sample and savor this diverse collection of sketches and poems. I recall that when my mother, years ago, wanted to know more about my time in Brazil, I presented her with a collection of Arthur's work.-Richard Collins Davis

About the Author: Arthur Powers went to Brazil in 1969 and lived there most his adult life. He and his wife, Brenda, spent seven years in the eastern Amazon, organizing subsistence farmers. They also lived in Rio de Janeiro, Recife, Bahia, Minas Gerais, and Espírito Santo. Arthur is the recipient of A Fellowship in Fiction from the Massachusetts Artists Foundation, the 2012 Tuscany Novella Prize, the 2014 Catholic Arts & Letters Award, and numerous other literary honors. His poetry has appeared in America, Chicago Tribune Magazine, Dappled Things, Hiram Poetry Review, Roanoke Review, South Carolina Review, Southern Poetry Review, Sou'wester, Windhover, & many other magazines & anthologies.

Trade Paperback
89 pages
ISBN: 9781646620401
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Sketches Rio de Janeiro and Other Poems