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Sathya Ancient Essense Oil - Roll-on Vial

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Sathya means truth and this scent is pure an clean.

Sathya is a blend of frankincense with amber and jasmine. It is a lovely, light, ethereal fragrance that brings back fond memories of warm summer nights. Sathya means Truth in Sanskrit.
1/3oz. glass vial with a convenient roll on applicator.

The ancient formula of these highly concentrated oils are carbon filtered for purity and contain NO harmful chemicals.

Use as a perfume, a household freshener, for achy joints, (one of our sales staff testifys to this use), garden pest control, and other ancient remedies.
*Please note: These oils are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED! It usually only takes a drop or so. DO NOT GET INTO EYES AND KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH. The oils will sting broken skin.
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Sathya Ancient Essense Oil - Roll-on Vial