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Requiem Mass - Office for The Dead

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Requiem Mass by The Monks of Solesmes
Office for The Dead

Introit, Kyrie, Gradual, Tract, Offertory, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, Communion, and Alleluias from Mass for the Dead; and Invitatory, Responses, and Antiphons from the Office for the Deceased. Before Vatican Council II these were the chants of the weekday mass used and heard most often.

Total play time: 49:08 minutes.
Item #27708

1 Introit Requiem VI
2 Kyrie VI
3 Gradual Requiem II
4 Tract Absolve VIII
5 Offertory Domine Iesu II
6 Sanctus
7 Agnus Dei
8 Communion Lux Aeterna VIII
9 Alleluia De Profundis VII
10 Alleluia In Exitu II
11 Invitatory Regem Cui Omnia VI
12 Responsory Credo VIII
13 Responsory Memento II
14 Responsory Ne Recorderis VI
15 Responsory Libera...De Viis I
16 Responsory subvenite IV
17 Antiphon In Paradisum VII
18 Antiphon Chorus VIII
19 Antiphon Ego Sum II
20 Antiphon Habitbit IV
21 Bells Tolling of the Knell
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Requiem Mass - Office for The Dead