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Prophetic Messages for Our Times

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A Journey of Faith in the Infinite Mercy of God

by: E Mary Christie

In a world lost in darkness and confusion, our merciful God refuses to give up or abandon His beloved people. Even in these times of worldly skepticism and sinfulness, He continues to reach out through modern-day prophecies, revealed to His chosen messengers through the appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

- Four Apparitions -

Prophetic Messages for Our Times, by best selling author E. Mary Christie, provides a brief and profound history and meaning of four of the most relevant Marian apparitions for our day: Quito, La Salette, Lourdes, and Fatima. The messages of Our Lady, while sometimes dire, offer hope and consolation to the faithful, yet more importantly reveal sure remedies for overcoming the evils of today and innumerable graces to those that follow her direction.

Trade Paperback
125 pages
ISBN: 9781937843632
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Prophetic Messages for Our Times

Prophetic Messages for Our Times