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Percy Wynn: Or Making a Boy of Him

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Join Tom Playfair in meeting a new boy who has just arrived at St. Maure's: Percy Wynn. Percy has grown up in a family of 10 girls and only 1 boy—himself! His manners are formal, he talks like a book, and he has never done anything remotely athletic. Yet he has brains, courage, and high Catholic ideals. Tom and his pals at St. Maure's befriend Percy and have a lively time as they all chip in to help turn Percy into a well-rounded, all-American Catholic boy.

Father Francis Finn, S.J., was an early 20th-century Jesuit priest who wrote delightful children's stories about life in Jesuit boarding schools. Taken from his years of experience teaching Catholic boys, Father Finn writes about various human personalities with warmth and humor that makes for enjoyable reading for all types.

Fourth To Sixth Grade
Trade Paperback
248 pages
Tan Books
Jan. 2001
ISBN: 9780895556714
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Percy Wynn: Or Making a Boy of Him