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Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ

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Great Title for Lenten Reading

by: Archbishop Alban Goodier

This absorbing account provides you with an intimate look at the sufferings of Our Lord through the minds and hearts of those closest to Him. You'll see Jesus through the eyes of His apostles, of those who condemned Him, of His executioners, and of those He met along the way of the Cross. Drawing from historical research, culture, and his own profound spiritual insights, Archbishop Alban Goodier, S.J., masterfully intersperses scriptural accounts and narration to bring the Passion of Jesus fully to life.

You will be moved by subtle observations, emotions, and actions swirling around Jesus as He endures His most terrible and triumphant moments. You will come to understand Judas Iscariot's thoughts and motives in betraying Jesus, St. John's personal intuitions about the agony of Jesus' Heart, St. Peter's impetuousness, and Jesus' unconditional love.

As he guides you through this introspective contemplation of the Gospels, Fr. Goodier reveals Jesus' thoughts, feelings, and actions and explains the sufferings Jesus felt in His soul.

Most significantly, you will see who Jesus is for you and who He longs you to be both for Him and for others. We need "active compassion," explains Archbishop Goodier, to unite our sufferings to those of Jesus and to relate to the anguish of His Heart. Reflecting upon the agony of Jesus in the garden, the travesty of His condemnation, and the diabolical tortures that He endured, you will see as never before the immense sufferings that only the God-Man could abide.

Through the eyes of the saints, the great lovers of God, you will begin truly to see Jesus, the pain He bore, and why He suffered. Our Lord's words challenge and comfort contemporary believers as much as they did those who first followed in the footsteps of Christ and His apostles. Once you enter into Archbishop Goodier's meditations, your understanding of the humility, mercy, and love of Christ will deepen, and you will never experience His Passion in the same way again.

Trade Paperback
368 pages
Sophia Institute Press
January 17, 2023
ISBN: 9781644138304
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Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Passion and Death of Our Lord Jesus Christ