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Now And At The Hour Of Our Death: Making Moral Decisions at the End of Life

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Now And At The Hour Of Our Death

Making Moral Decisions at the End of Life

Nikolas T. Nikas and Bruce W. Green

This book addresses important moral questions people commonly face when they or their loved ones experience life-threatening injuries, end-stage illnesses, or advanced old age. Due to modern medical technology, patients and their family members often confront such questions as: What medical procedures are morally required, and what procedures are optional? Is providing food and water to a patient an optional medical treatment, or is it basic care necessary for all human beings? What roles do conscience, quality of life, pain, and financial burden play in end-of-life decision-making? With a clear, concise question-and-answer format, this book provides moral answers to these questions, and many more, in the light of Catholic teaching based on Scripture and Sacred Tradition.

Without knowledge of medical science or familiarity with common medical terminology, people can be misled or confused by authoritative-sounding medical assertions, even immoral ones-thus the need for this easy-to-use guide. In these pages, readers can quickly find the most pressing end-of-life questions along with answers consistent with the moral teachings of the Church. The book uses practical reasoning to reach proper moral conclusions based on correct moral principles. Timely and highly practical, this book addresses issues everyone will eventually face, showing that making good moral decisions leads to happiness now and at the hour of our death.


222 Pages


Ignatius Press


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Now And At The Hour Of Our Death: Making Moral Decisions at the End of Life

Now And At The Hour Of Our Death: Making Moral Decisions at the End of Life