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My Daily Visit with the Saints

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by: Charles Kenny

Rescued from obscurity after a full century out-of-print, My Daily Visit with the Saints brings you the sure, strong voices of over 65 saints and servants of God, spiritual giants who guided the Faithful from the time of the Apostles to the late 1800s - and will help guide you today.

In their days, soundbites had not yet drowned out the authentic voice of the Church and saints could preach boldly and without compromise Her unadulterated, perennial teachings.

Rare are such occasions today, which is why, for your spiritual well-being (and for ours!), we have rescued from obscurity this grand collection of brief but telling passages from so many saints and servants of God, gathering them into 139 vital topics that serve not only as material for daily meditation but also constitute a monumental compendium of Catholic faith and life.

In its nearly 400 eloquent pages, the strong, clear voices of the saints clarify doctrine and instruct in the authentic ways of devotion those who yearn to serve God wholeheartedly.

Before your regular prayers, open for just a few moments My Daily Visit with the Saints or turn to it anytime you can carve out a moment or two for God. Therein you will find prayerful meditations, sure protection against sudden temptations, and lucid answers to sharp questions about the Faith. In a word, this one rich volume will serve you as a deep catechism, a spur to conscience, and a call to prayer.

Let your daily visit with God's faithful servants breathe into you a strong new spirit of piety and devotion, and bring you the everlasting consolation known only to those who stay close to Jesus in all that they do.

8 Large Sections that cover all major aspects of our Faith:

The God's Attributes, Gifts, and Graces
God the Son and God the Holy Spirit
The Blessed Virgin Mary and Her Feasts
The Holy Mother Church and Her Sacraments
The World and Sin
The Vices We Should Flee from
The Virtues We Should Practice
The Last Four Things

139 topics that include scores of Scripture quotations and concise meditations on each of the following topics:

Abstinence ∗ Ambition ∗ Anger ∗ The Annunciation ∗ The Ascension ∗ The Assumption ∗ Atheism ∗ Avarice ∗ Baptism ∗ Blasphemy ∗ The Catholic Church ∗ Chastity ∗ The Commandments ∗ Communion ∗ Confession ∗ Confidence in God ∗ Conscience ∗ Dangers of the world ∗ Death ∗ Discord ∗ Envy ∗ The Epiphany ∗ The Eucharist ∗ Fashion ∗ Fasting ∗ Fear of God ∗ Flattery ∗ Friendship ∗ Gambling ∗ Good works ∗ Grace ∗ Habitual Sin ∗ Hardness of Heart ∗ Heaven ∗ Hell ∗ The Hidden life of Jesus ∗ Holiness ∗ The Holy Name of Jesus ∗ The Holy Name of Mary ∗ The Holy Rosary ∗ The Holy Spirit ∗ The Holy Trinity ∗ Human Respect ∗ Humility ∗ Hypocrisy ∗ Idleness ∗ Ignorance ∗ The Immaculate Conception ∗ The Incarnation ∗ The Infancy of Jesus ∗ Intemperance ∗ Jealousy ∗ The Last Judgment ∗ The Law of God ∗ Love of Enemies ∗ Love of God ∗ Love of Neighbor ∗ Lying and Trickery ∗ Marriage ∗ Meditation ∗ Meekness ∗ Mental Prayer ∗ The Mercy of God ∗ Mortal Sin ∗ Obedience ∗ Occasions of Sin ∗ The Particular Judgment ∗ The Passion of Our Lord ∗ Passions ∗ Peace of Soul ∗ Penance ∗ Perseverance ∗ Piety ∗ Poverty ∗ Prayer ∗ Predestination ∗ The Presence of God ∗ The Prosperity of the Wicked ∗ Providence ∗ Prudence ∗ Purgatory ∗ Purity ∗ Rash Judgments ∗ The Resurrection ∗ Retreats ∗ Riches ∗ The Risen Jesus ∗ Salvation ∗ Scandals ∗ Self-love ∗ The Service of God ∗ Slander ∗ Temptations ∗ Theft ∗ The Transfiguration ∗ Venial Sin ∗ The Virgin Mary ∗ The Visitation ∗ Vocation ∗ The Will of God ∗ The Wounds of Jesus ∗ plus many more!

Trade Paperback
469 pages
ISBN: 9781622824465

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My Daily Visit with the Saints

My Daily Visit with the Saints