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Jesus, the Master Psychologist: Listen to Him

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by Dr. Ray Guarendi

Dr. Ray Guarendi directs us to the root of all healthy counseling: the words of the Redeemer.

Rightly regarded as America's leading Catholic psychologist and family counselor, EWTN's Dr. Ray Guarendi details here the fundamentals of Christian psychology in his incomparable down-to-earth style.

In some teachings, Jesus is two millennia ahead of what psychology is only now coming to understand. In others, He directly contradicts what today's psychology preaches. In these pages, Dr. Ray explores the teachings of both modern psychology and Jesus Christ to identify the therapy tools worth employing - and those we should avoid. Most notably, he helps us understand that every tool and counseling guideline worth pursuing can find its roots directly in the words of Christ.

Jesus knows our minds far more intimately than we do, and He knows the rewards we receive for following the paths He advocates. Indeed, in tackling any interior or exterior difficulty, there is certain knowledge that with Christ's guidance comes reassurance and peace of mind, if only we know the path.

Dr. Guarendi's experience as a father of ten and his mastery of the New Testament enable him to provide recommendations for dealing with numerous daily issues, including:

  • How to overcome jealousy and other passions
  • What it means - and doesn't mean - to turn the other cheek
  • How to turn negativity into a harnessed virtue - without changing your nature
  • How to transform your natural qualities into supernatural qualities
  • The benefits of having problem children
  • How to improve your self-awareness
  • What the old adage "know thyself" really means
  • How Jesus turns self-esteem mantras on their heads
Trade Paperback
144 pages
Sophia Institute Press
June 2021
ISBN: 9781682782361
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Jesus, the Master Psychologist: Listen to Him

Jesus, the Master Psychologist: Listen to Him