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Jesus Decoded DVD - Catholic Belief versus Modern Fiction

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A new Web site sponsored by the U.S. bishops' Catholic Communication Campaign has been established to provide accurate information about the life of Jesus, the origins of Christianity and Catholic teaching to counter claims made in the best-selling novel The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown.

The Web site,, was launched. A film version of the book is slated for nationwide.

This movie contains information that refutes claims made in the book about the nature of Jesus; his relationship with Mary Magdalene; the first four ecumenical councils of the early church and how they shaped today's teaching about Jesus; contemporaneous accounts of Jesus' life that were not selected for the New Testament; the role of women in the church throughout history; and the 'Last Supper' paintings by Leonardo da Vinci and other artists of his era.

Total 60 minutes DVD.
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Jesus Decoded DVD - Catholic Belief versus Modern Fiction