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Inclina Domine - A Treasury of Gregorian Chant, Volume II

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Inclina Domine
A Treasury of Gregorian Chant, Volume II
Cantores in Ecclesia; Directed by Dean Applegate

Don't miss this impressive collection of classic Gregorian chants. No collection of Gregorian music can be complete without these basic and beautiful melodies.

An indispensable resource for devotional listening.

This CD recording provides a wonderful example of how Gregorian chant can be integrated into everyday parish life throughout the year. Since this collection avoids chants that are specific to major holy days or liturgical seasons, it will become an indispensable resource for liturgical leaders who need basic resources, or for anyone looking to learn more about this method of singing the liturgy.

1 Introit- Inclina Domine
2 Signum Crucis
3 Salutatio
4 Actus Paenitentialis
5 Kyrie XI - Missa Orbis Factor
6 Gloria XI: Missa Orbis Factor
7 Collecta: Hebdomada XXI
8 Prima Lectio: Hebdomada XXI
9 Graduale: Bonum est confiteri
10 Secunda Lectio: Hebdomada XXI
11 Alleluia: Tu es Petrus
12 Evangelium: Hebdomada XXI
13 Credo I
14 Oratio Universalis
15 Cantus Offertorium: Exspectans
16 Orate, Fratres
17 Oratio Super Oblata
18 Ante Praefationem
19 Praefatio
20 Sanctus XI
21 Prex Eucharistica II
22 Post Consecrationem
23 Ad Doxologiam
24 Pater Noster
25 Libera nos
26 Ritus Pacis
27 Agnus Dei XI
28 Domine, Non Sum Dignus
29 Antiphona ad Communionem: De fructu
30 Oratio Post Communionem
31 Benedictio
32 Dimissio-Ite Missa Est XI: Missa Orbis Factor
33 Hymnus: Te Deum Laudamus
34 Oratio
35 Antiphona: Pax Aeterna
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Inclina Domine - A Treasury of Gregorian Chant, Volume II