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I Am the Beginning and the End: Creastion Stories and Visions of Fulfillment in

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I Am the Beginning and the End

Creation Stories and Visions of Fulfillment in the Bible

by: Brother John of Taize

Reflecting on the first four chapters of Genesis and the last section of the Book of Revelation, the author discerns in them something of the profound meaning behind the creation of the universe (cosmology) and our place in it (anthropology) in the light of faith in God (theology). Who of us, for example, has not wondered at one time or another about the beginning and the end of the world and human history? How can we reconcile the data of empirical science and the insights present in Sacred Scripture? In trying to make sense of the world and all that is in it, it should not surprise us that the Bible regards each and every aspect of creation as a reflection of the unfathomable Mystery that gives meaning and consistence to all that exists. These texts allow us to discover, at the heart of all that exists, an inexhaustible Wellspring of energy and a Focus of unity, offering fulfillment in a life shared by all. The present work is based on the Bible reflections given in Taize as part of the international young adult meeting that take place there.

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St Pauls

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About the Author:

Brother John of Taizé, an American raised in Philadelphia, joined the Taizé community in 1974. He spends most of his time at Taizé giving Bible instruction and leading conversations among the young pilgrims that have gathered there for weeklong meetings. He has also become known as an accessible theological writer, opening up the Scriptures for those outside of Taizé as well as those who have traveled there. Friends in Christ: Paths To a New Understanding of Church is his most recent book. The book, at 174 approachable pages, is an excellent introduction both to the larger vision of Taizé and to the concept of friendship as a way to understand both our relationship with God and the structure of God's Church.

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I Am the Beginning and the End: Creastion Stories and Visions of Fulfillment in

I Am the Beginning and the End: Creastion Stories and Visions of Fulfillment in