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Heaven (a 3 hour audio retreat) - Obstacles and Opportunities

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by: Vincent Serpa

Audio Book

Everyone wants to go to Heaven, but we often lose sight of how to get there. To prepare for the day when we meet our Maker, we need to withdraw from the distractions of everyday life to look at ourselves and all that is hindering us from nearing the goal.

Lent is the time to do this, and you'll find a big help from our Catholic Answers' chaplain, Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P., as he takes you on a three-hour retreat into spiritual examination and renewal.

You'll gain insight into:

∗ fear and its handicapping effect on one's spiritual advancement
∗ what to do when trying to be good seems to yield no results
∗ how to remain fervent in one's desire for heaven
∗ acceptance of Christ's cross as the only means of salvation
∗ how Christ's life and death give perspective to our own lives
∗ And much more....

While the talks emphasize Lenten meditations, they're ideal for any time of the year. If you can't take the time to make a longer retreat but wants spiritual sustenance in a profound but accessible form, this is the audio set for you.

Audio CD Set. 3 CDs.
ISBN: 9781888992762
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Heaven (a 3 hour audio retreat) - Obstacles and Opportunities

Heaven (a 3 hour audio retreat) - Obstacles and Opportunities