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For Love of Animals - Christain Ethics, Consistent Action

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by: Charles Camosy

What do we owe animals? Many Christians misunderstand both history and their own tradition in thinking about this question, and they are joined by prominent secular thinkers who blame Christianity for the Western world's failure to seriously consider the moral status of animals.

For Love of Animals explains how traditional Christian ideas and principles -- like nonviolence, concern for the vulnerable, stewardship of God's creation, and rejection of consumerism -- require us to treat animals morally. Though this point of view is often thought of as liberal, the book cites several conservatives who are also concerned about animals. The Christian argument transcends secular politics.

8.5 x 5.5 inch Trade Paperback. 135 pages.
ISBN: 9781616366629
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For Love of Animals - Christain Ethics, Consistent Action