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Fit for Eternal Life

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by: Kevin Vost

Train for Strength -- in Body and Soul

Is your spirit faithful but your flesh flabby? Has your Temple of the Holy Spirit begun to creak and crumble? Then let Fit for Eternal Life show you how to build it up again.

Most any workout book can help you bulk up or slim down, but only here will you find a truly Christian approach to physical fitness. As Catholic psychologist and veteran bodybuilder Kevin Vost (author of Memorize the Faith!) reveals, God's command to "be perfect" applies not only to our moral life, but also to our bodies. By Him we were "wonderfully made" as creatures corporal and spiritual. The stronger and more enduring we make our bodies, the better we imitate Christ - in whom perfect physical strength, endurance, and beauty were incarnated.

Best of all: it doesn't take a lot of time, special knowledge, or fancy equipment to do it. Dr. Vost explains the basic principles of strength and endurance training in a way you can understand (even if you haven't been in a gym for years -- or ever), and then helps you assemble an effective, personalized workout program that can be performed in as little as twenty minutes per week, leaving you plenty of time (and energy) to be an active Christian parent, spouse, and disciple.

Fit for Eternal Life also provides:
A revolutionary understanding of fitness as a virtue; how building muscle can build virtue and vice-versa
Ways to make your workouts an opportunity to practice prayer, meditation, and meritorious suffering
Special guidance for women, older persons, and teens. We're all called to perfect our bodies!
Advice to help you avoid many common fitness pitfalls, from bad form to over-training
Fitness wisdom from classical philosophers, athletic popes, and even St. Thomas Aquinas!
Sidebars with advanced information and techniques, for when you're ready to progress beyond the basics

Having a strong and fit physique is not just for a select few. Neither must it be separate from (or worse, opposed to) a life of the spirit. Fit for Eternal Life shows you how to make your Temple healthier, more beautiful, and more zealous in this world, and will help prepare you for everlasting happiness with God in the next.

229 pages. Trade Paperback.
ISBN: 9781933184319
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Fit for Eternal Life

Fit for Eternal Life