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Fathers of the Faith: Saint Athanasius

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Fathers of the Faith

Saint Athanasius

Mike Aquilina


In this volume from the Fathers of the Faith series, you'll be introduced to Saint Athanasius of Alexandria. Who was he? What did he teach? Where and when did he live? Why is he an important figure in the history of the Church?

In this accessible, bite-sized introduction, renowned author, speaker, and host Mike Aquilina gives an overview of Athanasius' life as a fourth-century Egyptian. Remembered as Athanasius the Great, he is one of the Church's most influential teachers and her greatest defender of the Incarnation.

In addition to being a Doctor of the Church, Athanasius earned the title "Father of Orthodoxy" by standing firm against the Arian heresy - no matter the cost - as Bishop of Alexandria. Exiled five times, Athanasius was a lone voice crying out in the wilderness that Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of the Father, is indeed consubstantial, one in being with the Father; and it is this divine Son who became incarnate for our salvation.



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Fathers of the Faith: Saint Athanasius