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Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism - A Call to Action - Hard Cover

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by: George Weigel

Essential reading in a time of momentous political decisions, Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism is a clarion call for a new seriousness of debate and a new clarity of purpose in American public life.

More than half a decade after 9/11, safe passage through a moment of history fraught with both peril and possibility requires Americans across the political spectrum to see things as they are.

In this incisive, engaging study of the present danger and what we must do to prevail against it, George Weigel, one of America's foremost public intellectuals and author of Witness to Hope, does precisely that: he sees, and describes, things as they are--and as they might be.

Drawing on a quarter century of experience at the intersection of moral argument and public policy, he describes rigorously and clearly the threat posed by global jihadism: the religiously inspired ideology which teaches that it is the moral obligation of all Muslims to employ whatever means are necessary to compel the world's submission to Islam. Exploring that ideology's theological, social, cultural, and political roots, Weigel points a new direction for both public policy and interreligious dialogue, one that meets the challenge of jihadism forthrightly while creating the conditions for a less threatening, more mutually enriching encounter between Islam and the West.

"Absolutely masterful: the moral principles, the strategy, and the tactics to win this war for the survival of the West and democracy are all here - coherant and persuasive. Osama bin Laden, and Ahmadinejad will hate this little book above all others."
- R. James Woolsey, former Director, Central Intelligence Agency

"Provocative and exacting, George Wiegel wants Americans to think more clearly about the way we live now, and in this unapologetically bracing book he lays out a stark vision of the challenges of our time as he sees them. Whether you agree with Weigel or not, you will want to hear him out, for his is a voice worth taking very seriously indeed."
-Jon Meacham, Editor, Newsweek

"A stirring book: the battle of ideas against Islamist radicalism is now fully joined. George Weigel - a brilliant author with deep knowledge of theology and practical politics - provides a way forward for the western democracies. A Badly needed and urgent book."
- Fouad Ajami, Director of Middle Eastern Studies, John Hopkins University

195 pages. Hardcover.
ISBN: 9780385523783
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Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism - A Call to Action - Hard Cover

Faith, Reason, and the War Against Jihadism - A Call to Action - Hard Cover