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Ekklisia Rose Greek Incense 1/4 lb. Box

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Rose scent incense is a beautiful and fitting incense to use for Marian feastdays.
The rich, familiar fragrance of Rose makes this a popular choice. Floral and pleasing with a hint of spice.

For centuries, the monasteries of Mount Athos, Greece have made a unique style of incense recognized around the world for its superior quality and transcendent aromas.

Carrying on this ancient tradition, Ekklisía™

Incense is made in Greece using only premium frankincense resins and the finest aromatic oils. Each batch is carefully blended, pressed, hand-cut, and then cured to create rich, long-lasting fragrances and an unmatched smooth-burning quality.

Imported from Greece
1/4 pound box.
MPN: 91204209
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Ekklisia Rose Greek Incense 1/4 lb. Box

Ekklisia Rose Greek Incense 1/4 lb. Box