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Domed Remembrance Cemetary Urn Vault UV-1

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Domed lid Remembrance Urn Vault for Single Urn.

For cemetary requirement only.

Exterior: 16.5" Long x 12" wide x 9.5" High

Interior: 14" Long x 10" wide x 6.5" High Dome: 9"

Made out of high-tech polymer plastic, this burial urn vault will never deteriorate or corrode and is designed to withstand up to 4,200 lbs per square inch of top-load pressure, exceeding the requirements set forth by most cemeteries. Product comes with a water-tight adhesive to safeguard contents from moisture and outdoor elements.

Made in the USA.

Manf. production no. UV-1.


These enduring and versatile urn vaults are intended for holding cremation urns but can also act as an urn and vault combination. It's light-weight, appealing and durable design is ideal for outdoor ground burials and ceremonies, including second rite of interments. Any type of urn may be placed in the urn vault along with small memorabilia or keepsakes. Additionally, the outside of the urn vaults may be personalized or decorated allowing families and friends to express their sentiments. Carefully manufactured in the USA, this product is designed to withstand top-load pressure requirements set forth by most cemeteries. An adhesive is included with the product to air-seal the urn vault and honor your loved one forever.
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Domed Remembrance Cemetary Urn Vault UV-1

Domed Remembrance Cemetary Urn Vault UV-1