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Dare to Commit - Say Yes in a World of Maybe

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by: James Torrens

Are you ready to live a life filled with hope? A life lived "more abundantly"? John 10:10

In today's world people often don't keep appointments, show up for events, or even RSVP to an invitation. More significantly people struggle to keep their marriage intact or follow their chosen vocation. Culturally there is a feeling that people just don't keep their word anymore.

Hope means being able to say YES and to mean it. Fr. Torrens, SJ, explains the major obstacles to making promises in our world today. These obstacles can destroy our hope and affect the most important choices we make in life. Drawing from his experience in counseling others in discernment and from his own decision-making experiences, Fr. Torrens provides examples, strategies, and wisdom to help you practice and hone your skill for making wise choices-enabling you to Dare to Commit. Say Yes in a world of Maybe.

Paperback. 112 pages.
ISBN: 9780764818745
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Dare to Commit - Say Yes in a World of Maybe

Dare to Commit - Say Yes in a World of Maybe