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Cross of St Francis Altar Candle Set - All Sizes

SKU: 32582|1-1/2 X 12"


Complementing Altar Candles for Cross of St Francis Paschal Candle
by Cathedral Candle

This set of 2 candles are decorated with high quality, richly colored sculpted wax reliefs. These attractive altar candles enhance the presence of the Paschal candle or add to the beauty of your sanctuary for any liturgy.

Available in 4 "standard" sizes, (call our church goods dept. if you need any custom sizing on this design.)
Guaranteed 51 percent premium quality beeswax for consistent longer and cleaner burning candle.

The light of our Victorious Savior shines on the faces of all God's children. The Easter Vigil is truly among the most impressive and beautiful of all Christian liturgical celebrations.

Made in the USA.
Boxed with foam wrap for protection.
Two Candles per box.

Deadline to Order Eximious Altar Candles:
March 7, 2024

Remember - You should Always use a Candle Burner / Follower for candles to burn properly. We carry a great selection of candle burners in all sizes and different finishes.
See suggested items below.

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Cross of St Francis Altar Candle Set - All Sizes

Cross of St Francis Altar Candle Set - All Sizes

1-1/2 X 12"
1-1/2 X 17"
2 X 12"
2 X 17"