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Creating New Life, Nuturing Families

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by: Sidney Callahan

"When women choose to marry and have children, they start on a daring venture. It takes courage to commit mind, body and heart to another person and to found a family in which the labors and joys, the risks and struggles remain unknown." -From Chapter One

What makes a woman a hero? Does she need to possess almost superhuman qualities or an ability to leap tall to-do lists in a single day? Must she grab headlines or set out to save our world?

No, says Sidney Callahan. A hero is simply a woman who makes small, daily self-sacrifices out of love for others. Nowhere is this definition more embodied than in the love of wives and mothers for their families.

Digging deeply into the various dimensions of women's journeys and discussing love and marriage, sex, mothering, work and transforming joy amidst suffering, Callahan shows how a woman's commitment to the well-being of her husband and children is a participation in the very life of the Trinity. She explores the many ways that a wife and mother pours out her love for her family, as Christ poured out his love for us, and shows how that humbling of yourself, day after day, ensures that God's message of hope and salvation will be passed on to generations to come.

124 pages. Trade Paperback.
ISBN: 9780867168938
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Creating New Life, Nuturing Families

Creating New Life, Nuturing Families