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Cord of St. Philomena

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MADE IN THE USA by Rose Scapular
(don't be fooled by Chinese knock-offs)

"Receive this cord around thy loins, so that they may be girt in token of moderation, purity, and chastity."

St. Philomena, 'Powerful with God', 'Patroness of the Living Rosary', 'Patroness of the the Children of Mary.'
Listen and hear 3 knocks as she will intercede for those in need of her aid.

100% Cotton cord comes with pamphlet with the investiture, the saint's and cord's history and prayers associated with St. Philomena.

Cord Measures 48 inches in length.
Made in the USA

What Cords and Cinctures Are-
The wearing of a cord or cincture has always been a sign of chastity as well as mortification and humility for the laity as well as the religious.

The wearing of a cord in honor of a saint goes back to the very early Church. We find the first instance mentioned in the life of St Monica. In a vision from the Blessed Virgin, she received a black leathern belt, and assured that those who wore it in her honor would be under her protection. And there are many other instances.

The wearing a cord to honor St. Michael was general throughout France.

After his conversion St. Francis of Assisi girded himself in rough cords in honor of the cords that bound Our Lord during His passion.

St Dominic received his cord from St Francis and wore it out of sight in devotion to St. Francis.

The cord of St. Philomena was a pious practice after many miracles and her confraternity was raised to an Archconfraternity.

The miraculous cure of an Augustinian nun of St Joseph's Archconfraternity gave rise to the pious wearing of the cincture of St. Joseph.

Cords worn around the waist are for additional grace to live a life of purity and chastity, among other graces. When worn sash style across one shoulder, it is for obedience.

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Cord of St. Philomena