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Consoling the Heart of Jesus - A Do It Yourself Retreat - Inspired by the Spirit

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by: Michael E. Gaitley, MIC

Traditionally, Catholics make a three-fold Lenten sacrifice: (1) prayer, (2) fasting, (3) almsgiving. People who purchase "Consoling the heart of Jesus" a do - it - yourself retreat inspired by the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius by Michael E. Gaitley is a great reading, make it during Lent would fulfill their Lenten sacrifice completely. It works like this:
Prayer: My book is a do-it-yourself retreat. A retreat is time of more intensified prayer. Bingo. People who make this retreat, have fulfilled that part of their Lenten sacrifice.
Fasting: We often think of fasting in terms of bread and water, and that's all well and good. (So long as we're not talking chocolate.) However, fasting can also be from things like television, Internet, or whatever else we may be tempted to waste time with. So, those who make this retreat - I suggest - would "fast" from routine recreations and devote their time to the spiritual reading of the retreat.
Almsgiving: Of course, during this time of economic crisis, money is tight for most people. In fact, actually going on a real retreat - that is to say, a retreat that requires travel and accommodations - might break the bank. While my retreat is only $14.95, that's still a sacrifice for a lot of people. But that's kind of the point. By purchasing Consoling the Heart of Jesus, people give up money to help support the Marians in our efforts to spread the message of The Divine Mercy. So, almsgiving is covered, too - and one will even have a little money left over for jelly beans ... er, I mean chocolate. -Michael E. Gaitley.

Paperback. 428 pages
ISBN: 9781596142220
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Consoling the Heart of Jesus - A Do It Yourself Retreat - Inspired by the Spirit