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Christus Rex Paschal Candles - All Sizes from Eximious

SKU: 79861|4 - 1-15/16X39


From the eximious® Candle Collection
by Cathedral Candle Company

An artistic rendering of the Risen Christ the King in wax.

This beautiful iconic design rendered in bronze tones wax, gilded with foil inserts with the look of stained glass and 24 carat gold leaf dramatically offsets the natural hues of the 51 percent Beeswax Paschal.

Each and every eximious® candle is Made-to-Order, master crafted with the finest beeswax formulation and individually bench-worked and hand-tooled to create splendid intricate inlays, rich inlays and classic sculptured engraving.

These Paschal Candle designs are unique and allow the candle decorators artistic talent to fingerprint each individual candle. No two are exactly alike; every candle an individual work of art.


Due to the workmanship required to handcraft each e x i m i o u s ® Paschal Candle  

Deadline to Order Eximious Paschal Candles:
March 1, 2024

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Christus Rex Paschal Candles - All Sizes from Eximious

4 - 1-15/16X39
5-2 - 2X44
4SP - 2-1/16X36
5 - 2-1/16X42
6 - 2-3/16X48
7 - 2-1/4X48
8 - 2-3/8X52
6SP - 2-1/2X36
8SP - 2-1/2X48
10 - 2-1/2X60
9 - 3X36
11 - 3X48
15- 3X60
15SP- 3-1/2X48
20 - 3-1/2X62
18 - 4X42
25 - 4X60