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Catholic Woman's Guide to Happiness

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by Rose Sweet

A lovely gift book on Mother's Day for any Catholic mom

Calling all Catholic women! Does your religious reading and pious practice not always ?translate? into how you interact with and love each other? Are you not always aware or convinced of God's love for you? Does happiness seem to elude you in certain circumstances of your life? Fear not! Noted author Rose Sweet is here to help in a new series of books with practical steps and tips to help the reader first remember God's tender love for her andthen to love neighbor . . . so that the ups and downs of life and relationships will not diminish her joy.

The Catholic Woman's Guide series integrates classic Catholic theology (Theology of the Body and teachings on contemplative prayer) with Sweet's unique brand of storytelling and humor and will help you to find and hold on to authentic happiness in every area of your life.

In this first volume, The Catholic Women's Guide to Happiness, Sweet takes you into the "Interior Life" to explore the attitudes, fears, and deepest desires that may keep you from greater joy. Topics include:

  • Identifying what gives you the most pleasure, peace, contentment, and satisfaction.
  • Recognizing when you may be hanging on too tightly to something you own, a power you possess, or even a person you love.
  • Rooting out the specific fears that rob you of happiness.
  • Hearing what the saints and mystics have said about happiness.
  • Seeing hidden windows and doors that open to the deepest joys.
  • Reordering your natural desires rather than repressing or rejecting them.

Sweet points to the goodness and love of God as the true Source of all happiness and how to reconcile your longings with his special love for you.

The Adventure awaits! Accompany Rose on this journey to true happiness in Christ!

4.75 x 7.5 inch Hardcover
192 pages
ISBN: 9781505112238
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Catholic Woman's Guide to Happiness

Catholic Woman's Guide to Happiness