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Book of Life

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by: Henri Daniel-Rops

Recommended for all readers age 12 and up!

"Night was falling on Rome and already, in the warm clear twilight, the evening star shone over the not-far-distant sea. Hand-in-hand two children, a boy of thirteen and a girl of twelve, made their way toward one of the city gates. At first glance, one would have taken them for two children trying to escape from the heat of the city for a walk in the surrounding countryside. But, if this were so, why did they seem so much on their guard, and why did they glance quickly and with distrust at those who passed them by, as though they were afraid of being pursued?"
-From Chapter 1

In a magnificent feat of imagination and scholarship, Henri Daniel-Rops takes us back to the very foundation of Christianity, to the secret meetings of a persecuted community, and back even further to the life of the One who changed the world forever.

Beginning with the appearance of the Angel to a young girl in Nazareth, he traces the fascinating story of Christ, His youth, teaching ministry, first disciples, many miracles . . . and, in the end, His betrayal, trial, and death on the Cross.

That end made a new beginning, for then comes the triumphant Resurrection, and the final appearances of Jesus in His earthly body before He is taken up to heaven, leaving us the Eucharist and the other sacraments that enable us to share in His divine life.

It's a story that can't be told too often, a story for young and old, rich and poor: the story of our salvation.

Trade Paperback. 154 pages.
ISBN: 9781933184494
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Book of Life

Book of Life