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Book of Jotham - A Novel

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Hard to Find Title

by: Arthur Powers

Tuscany Prize Award Winner 2012!

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Reading The Book of Jotham is a powerful and life changing event. This is a masterpiece of writing.

This inspirational novel takes the reader on a journey through a noble soul and you will never be the same afterwards. Currently The Book of Jotham has received an overall average of a 5 star review(s) (5/5) from individuals across the Country.

The novel takes place in the time just before and after the death of Jesus. Jotham, a mentally challenged child, hears himself described as "big as a house, stupid as a donkey," yet the reader comes to see that he is gifted with an innate ability to understand with his heart. Very skillfully, the author allows Jotham to tell his story, by using simple perceptions of opposites--cold or warm, up or down, empty or full, light or dark, good or evil. Understandable simplicity!

The story begins when the child Jotham is told that his beloved mother has died. Except, Jotham doesn't understand death. He immediately feels the absence of his mother's warmth, and the cold distance from his father who has always looked upon Jotham as a punishment because he is not the perfect child. Out of emptiness, Jotham searches for his mother, associating her with light. He stumbles upon a crowd of people from which comes the brightest light he's ever seen--Jesus. Jotham sees the light. What more to say except the book is a must experience for all ages.

Increase your faith and the faith of others, the perfect book for you or as a gift.

Trade Paperback. 64 pages.
ISBN: 9781939627001
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Book of Jotham - A Novel

Book of Jotham - A Novel