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Betrayed Without a Kiss: Defending Marriage

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Betrayed Without A Kiss

Defending Marriage after Years of Failed Leadership in the Church

John Clark

The institution of marriage is under siege from the devil. While it is simple to blame the outside world for the troubles of marriage, we must also consider what has occurred inside the Church. Marriages have declined during the last five decades, but annulments have risen. Many in Church leadership have been oblivious to these concerning tendencies, as well as to marriage itself. Matrimony is infrequently mentioned in homilies, pre-Cana programmes are sometimes ineffective, and seminaries devote little time to studying the sacrament of Matrimony. It has become evident that the sacraments increase and decrease in tandem, both in frequency and respect. disrespect for the Eucharist and scepticism in it are primarily founded in a disrespect for Matrimony. Indeed, if Church leadership does not defend matrimony, many members of the Catholic Church will be lost and abandoned. But there is still hope.

Betrayed Without a Kiss tries to uncover the Church's key marital difficulties while offering practical answers to assist both laity and clergy feed Catholic marriage, solutions that will return marriage to the splendour that God intended for this primal sacrament. Nothing is more beautiful and wonderful than a Catholic marriage that reflects Christ's entire love for His wife, the Church, on the cross. And nothing is more honourable than safeguarding the sacrament of Matrimony since society and the Church will pass via the family. Fighting for holy marriages, including your own, is fighting for Christ!
276 Pages
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Betrayed Without a Kiss: Defending Marriage

Betrayed Without a Kiss: Defending Marriage