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Benedict Up Close

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The Inside Story of Eight Dramatic Years

by Paul Badde

Widely recognized as one of the most talented and respected journalists in Rome, Paul Badde offers here a unique glimpse into the drama of Pope Benedict's pontificate. He doesn't simply capture the various reasons for which Benedict XVI will go down in history, Badde chronicles the almost superhuman struggle against overwhelming hostilities that formed against this shy and exceedingly kind man.

With fascinating vignettes back into history, you'll learn how Pope Benedict's experiences in a totalitarian Germany impacted the papacy and the Church, and how this son of a policeman became the "Thomas Aquinas of our time" - one of the most brilliant and accomplished minds on the globe.

Leaning on his own personal conversations with Pope Benedict as well as his extensive interviews with those within the Holy Father's inner circle, Badde explains how Pope Benedict dealt with the blows and calumnies that rained down on him during those tempestuous eight years. You'll come to a deeper appreciation of Pope Benedict's goodness and holiness, and you'll understand why only he could have steered the ship of the Church during the storms of our time.

With Paul Badde, you'll have a close-up view of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate as you learn:

Why he removed "Patriarch of the West" from the pope's list of titles
What led the pope's valet – one the few people who had unfettered access to the pope – to betray his secrets
Why he included the scallop shell on his coat of arms
Why he had such a strong devotion to the Face of Jesus
What he was really trying to say in his Regensburg Address that infuriated Muslims throughout the world
Why his visit to Turkey, despite threats from Al Qaeda, was so important
The bold way in which he reintroduced the Latin Mass
His answer to the visible disagreements between books of the Bible
Why he chose Benedict XVI as his name
An inside look at his schedule and how he approaches his writings
Why he chose to resign on the Memorial of Our Lady of Lourdes

Trade Paperback
208 pages
ISBN: 9781682780381

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Benedict Up Close

Benedict Up Close