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Aquinas's Shorter Summa

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Saint Thomas's Own Concise Version of His Summa Theologica

by St Thomas Aquinas

The essentials of Catholic doctrine - clearly and succinctly presented.

Two years before he died, St. Thomas Aquinas - probably the greatest teacher the Church has ever known - was asked by his assistant, Brother Reginald, to write a simple summary of the Faith of the Catholic Church for those who lacked the time or the stamina to tackle his massive Summa Theologica.

In response, the great saint quickly set down - in language that non-scholars can understand - his peerless insights into the major topics of theology: the Trinity, Divine Providence, the Incarnation of Christ, the Last Judgment, and much more.

Here, then, is not only St. Thomas's concise statement of the key elements of his thought, but a handy reference source for the essential truths of the Catholic Faith.

Trade Paperback
431 pages
Sophia Institue Press
ISBN: 9781928832430
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Aquinas's Shorter Summa

Aquinas's Shorter Summa