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Answering Orthodoxy: A Catholic Response to Attacks from the East

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Answering Orthodoxy

A Catholic Response to Attacks from the East

Michael Lofton

What if there's a better Christian religion than Catholicism? One that has true apostolic doctrines, a more beautiful and ancient liturgy, and freedom from all that "pope" baggage--and valid sacraments, too. That's what apologists for Eastern Orthodoxy are selling. In a time of uncertainty and confusion for many Catholics, Orthodox challenges to the Church's history, teaching, worship, and authority structure have been drawing Catholics away in hope of greener pastures in the East. But those thinking of jumping off the barque of Peter toward the siren song of Eastern Orthodoxy--and for Protestants who'd like Catholicism's historical pedigree without all the mess--need to think twice. In Answering Orthodoxy, Michael Lofton (Reason & Theology Podcast) shows why, with a thorough and critical refutation of Orthodox attacks against the Church. Formerly Eastern Orthodox himself, Lofton has the knowledge and experience to uncover the flaws in the most common anti-Catholic arguments from Orthodoxy's top advocates. From intricate doctrinal debates to the historical flubs and foibles of the popes, right on down to the basic understandings (and misunderstandings) of the sacraments Catholics and Orthodox share but don't always agree on, Answering Orthodoxy shows where Orthodox attacks go wrong. In so doing, he not only strengthens Catholic conviction in the truth of the Faith, but also shows the Orthodox that there's not as much distance between them and the Church as they might think, and unity with Rome might be closer than ever. Whether you're frustrated with today's Church and find yourself attracted to Orthodoxy's antiquity, beauty, and religious rigor, or you're just looking to learn the best Catholic responses to Orthodox arguments, Answering Orthodoxy will equip and edify you.


198 Pages


Catholic Answers


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Answering Orthodoxy: A Catholic Response to Attacks from the East

Answering Orthodoxy: A Catholic Response to Attacks from the East