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Alpha Omega 51% Beeswax Baptism Candle - 84100801

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51% Beeswax Baptism Candle with Sculpted Wax Design

Beautiful and meaningful candle for Baptisms. Lit at Baptism as a symbol of the faith of Christ, is taken home and preserved as a cherished heirloom by the family of the child. In later years, it will remind the child of his Christian faith.

Finely decorated with wax sculpted ornamentation these Baptism candles have the symbolic beeswax ornaments of the decending dove and the Alpha and Omega.

Made of 51% Beeswax and measuring 11/16 x 9-1/4 inches with a Self-Fitting End.
Made in the USA.

The Baptismal candle comes individually boxed with provisions for a record of the ceremony on each box.

Manf. production no. 84100801.
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Alpha Omega 51% Beeswax Baptism Candle - 84100801