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A Saint for Your Name for Girls

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by: Albert J. Nevins, N.M.,
Ann Ball,
Lisa Grote, and James McIlrath

Revised and Updated

Available in both a girl and boy edition, these two books explain the meaning of each name, then tell the story of a saint who bore that name.

From the Introduction:
"The custom of giving children the names of Christian saints dates from the first millennium. In Frankish kingdoms, the people began to give their children the names of the Apostles, biblical saints, or the names of early martyrs or confessors. By the thirteenth century, this custom had spread throughout the European continent..."

"It is a venerable and beautiful Christian custom to give children the name of a saint at Baptism. This saint is chosen to be a patron, a protector, and a model for the new Christian. At Confirmation, the child may take the name of another saint, an additional patron of model. This practice is highly recommended by the Church. As children learn the stories of their saints, they are encouraged to emulate the attributes of the saints and to pray to and request the saints' loving help in daily life."

Ages 8 +
139 pages. 9.5 x 5.5 inches. Trade Paperback.
ISBN: 9780879736002
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A Saint for Your Name for Girls

A Saint for Your Name for Girls