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A Hero for the People - Stories of the Brazilian Backlands

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Arthur Powers

Reading A Hero for the People: Stories of the Brazilian Backlands is a remarkable collection of short stories. The book identifies where the extremes of poverty and opulence, iniquity and justice, hate and love, bring the character(s) and readers face to face with life; life today as is real as it gets without any glitz and glamor.

It is a narrative about the people, history, and culture of Brazil. At root are the working-class men and women who sparkle with delight and labor in pain. The stories are a testing ground for the individual human heart, people living on the edge, in the margins, and at times in strangely grim (even life-threatening) circumstances. The reader experiences severely dark episodes in the lives of many sympathetic people. Some of the broad themes include: fear and violence, steadfastness and caring, possession and theft, faith and forgiveness.

In the book, many in authority do not care about those who work the land ("Back Country People") or those who make extreme personal sacrifices to save a handful of children ("Come Into My House and Stay"). Ultimately the question of responsibility is personal - does one hold the key to his or her destiny or is it based in luck or providence ("Switzerland"). There is darkness shadowing many stories, where some commit murder for food ("Famine") or for revenge ("The Healer").

From the opening story, "The Bridge," (and its operative metaphor of crossing over) to the final story, "Carla
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A Hero for the People - Stories of the Brazilian Backlands

A Hero for the People - Stories of the Brazilian Backlands