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A Guide to the Church

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Rev. Lawrence Porter

In 28 concise chapters and 2 appendices, this book acquaints the reader with such basic concepts as biblical images of the Church, contemporary models of the Church, the classical "marks" of the Church, etc. Here too are explanations of the mission of the Church, its origin and aim, and the peculiar dynamics of the home and foreign missions.

The origin and development of the Church's historic ministries of bishop, priest, deacon, religious orders and lay minstry are set forth.

There are also chapters on the history and theology of Church/State relations, the Church's relationship to the kingdom of God and other religions, the concept of the Church as a communion, and such disputed questions as the origin of the Church, and the history of women and ministry among others.

Each chapter concludes with suggestions for further reading. The author, a Catholic priest and theologian, is sensitive to the ecumenical dimension of these themes, and thus considers the witness of the entire Christian tradition, Protestant and Orthodox as well as Catholic.

442 pages. Paperback.
ISBN: 9780818912559
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A Guide to the Church

A Guide to the Church