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3 pack Purificators 20x11 inch in 100% cotton

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Only 7.34 each

20 inch by 11 inch purificator made in 100% Pure Cotton in a linen weave fabric.

This fabric has the ability to absorb very well.

Each purificator is hem stitched and a delicate Embroidered Greek cross in Red.

This fabric gets softer and more absorbent with each wash. The texture of the fabric protects the Sacred Vessels and cleans it without streaks. Very strong and can handle machine wash. This is one of the best fabrics for the modern church.

Purificator Altar linens are sold three to a package (3 per pack.
Priced is per pack.

Manf. production no. H100R/PURF
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3 pack Purificators 20x11 inch in 100% cotton