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2ct Blessed Candle Box for Candlemas

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Candlemas Candles
For Sacred Use in the Home

2 count per box. 51% beeswax candles per box that measure 10.25 inches high and 3/4 inches in diameter. Intended for distribution at Candlemas (celebrated on February 2nd).

∗Please Note: The candles are not already blessed when sold.

The word "blessed" means "to be held in high reverence or high regard."These candles which are intended to be sold to churches, where once a year all candles the church will use for that year are blest (past tense of "bless") in a ceremony called CANDLEMAS.

Tracing back to the fifth century the tradition of carrying these candles represent the entry of Christ, the light of the world, into the temple of Jerusalem.

Parishes could have a supply of these candles on hand for parishioners to take home for prayer with the sick, and thus they would be blest or parishioners could bring candles to be blest.

Made in the USA.
2 candles per box.
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2ct Blessed Candle Box for Candlemas

2ct Blessed Candle Box for Candlemas