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Ladybug Rosary P376R

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Imported from Italy.

This unique 19" rosary is made with ceramic Lady Bug (Ladybug) shaped beads that are a reminder of the Blessed Mother's powerful intercession.

During the Middle Ages a plague of small insects attacked crops in Europe and threatened starvation. The people turned to the Blessed Mother and asked her to intercede for them. A cloud of tiny red-orange insects speckled with black arrived and devoured the pests, saving the crops. In gratitude, the people called the insects "Our Lady's Beetle" - today we call them "Ladybugs".

It has been noted that the bright red shell of the Ladybug reminds us of the red cloak the Virgin Mary is often seen in religious paintings; the seven black spots on the shell are a reminder of the Seven Joys and Seven Sorrows of Mary.

Clear top Plastic gift box.

Manf production no P376R
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Ladybug Rosary P376R

Ladybug Rosary P376R