Major Prophets The Navarre Bible

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This volume of the Navarre Bible commentaries sheds light on the four major prophets of the Old Testament: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Daniel. In the language of the Bible, the words prophet, prophecy, etc. have quite a broad meaning, but all refer primarily to the idea of speaking in the name of God. While each of these books of the Old Testament is unique in its message, there are three points that they all stress belief in God, the future of the Messianic age, and ethical teaching. Like all the books in the Navarre series, this edition will help to deepen your understanding of these sacred texts.

This handsome hardcover volume contains all the study aids that have made the Navarre Bible the preferred commentary for all serious Catholic Biblical students. Complete Latin and English texts; charts and maps; exhaustive commentary and more.

896 pages. Hardcover.
ISBN: 9781594170232
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Brand Scepter Press
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