Frankincense "Ancient Essense Oil - Roll-on Vial

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Enjoy the beautiful scents of the same Gifts brought to Baby Jesus.

For the last several hundred years, holy oils have been all but hidden from the general population. Prior to this time, they were the top traded commodities along with gold and sometimes frankincense and myrrh were worth their weight in gold! This was due to their various applications from medicinal and cosmetic, to pest control.

These essential oils were used abundantly as a spiritual aid to enhance a peaceful and prayerful state.
Experience for yourself the healing power of Ancient Essense oils.

1/3oz. glass vial with a convenient roll on applicator. The frankincense & myrrh is blended for ultimate aroma. The ancient formula of these highly concentrated oils are carbon filtered for purity and contain NO harmful chemicals.

Use as a perfume, a household freshener, for achy joints, (one of our sales staff testifys to this use), garden pest control, and other ancient remedies.

∗Please note: These oils are HIGHLY CONCENTRATED! It usually only takes a drop or so. DO NOT GET INTO EYES AND KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH. The oils will sting broken skin.
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