Catholic Church History From A to Z: An Inspirational Dictionary

Author: Alan Schreck
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by: Alan Schreck

"Church history," someone has wisely observed, "is theology teaching by example." Our knowledge of the Catholic faith is immeasurably broadened and deepened by studying twenty centuries of Catholic experience. In this book, Dr. Alan Schreck surveys the Church's past from "Abelard" to "Zwingli," introducing the reader to hundreds of fascinating people, places, events, ideas, institutions, and movements that have make their mark on our spiritual heritage and shaped the Church as we know it today. Each entry in this highly readable "inspirational dictionary" places a subject not just in its historical context, but also in the context of faith, pointing to its significance for contemporary Catholics.

276 pages. Trade Paperback.
ISBN: 9781569551790
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Brand Servant Publications
Author Alan Schreck
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