Baltimore Catechism Four

Author: The Council of Baltimore
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for High School Age Staudents

from The Council of Baltimore

Since its 1885 debut, the catechism commissioned by the Third Council of Bishops in Baltimore has instructed generations of Catholic faithful. With an easy-to-read question-and-answer format, the Catechism combines solid Catholic doctrinal teaching with meaningful exposure to Scripture and practical application.

The revival of interest in the Baltimore Catechism reflects Catholics' growing realization that a clear, concise presentation of the truths of the Faith is just what people young and old need to appreciate, practice, and defend Church teaching. Catechists and parents will find this catechism an invaluable teaching tool as they prepare children and catechumens to receive the Sacraments and lead authentic Catholic lives. Students will find this an uncomplicated and friendly guide to authentic Catholicism.

An Explanation of the Baltimore Catechism, or Baltimore Catechism No. 4, can be used as a reference work or teacher's manual for the original Baltimore Catechisms. It is often used as an advanced textbook. Its fascinating explanations of many little known questions pertaining to our Faith will reward the questioning reader.

This is the original TAN edition of the Baltimore Catechism, with updated typesetting, fresh new cover, larger format, quality binding, and the same trusted content.

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