Walking the Road to God by Fr. Lawrence Carney

Author: Father Lawrence Carney
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Father Lawrence Carney walks the city streets in his cassock, praying the Rosary and bringing lost souls back to God. After more than a year of walking, he is convinced our nation needs a new order of priests, clerics and brothers, who walk and pray in cities across the United States in an effort to regain what has been lost.

With so many lukewarm and fallen-away Catholics in our world today, and people who have never even given Christinity a second thought, it is easy to become discouraged. But, rooted in the joy of gospel promises, Father Carney proclaims hope.

It is during these times when faith declines that God gives abundant graces to his apostles ... We are upon times in which God will give graces to certain individuals that the church has not seen in centuries. -- Father Lawrence Carney


As our society becomes more secularized and hostile to Jesus and His Church, street evangelization takes on a new missionary relevance. Father Carney witnesses to Christ among those who walk our streets and at times make their homes there. May this apostolic witness bear good fruit and inspire the rest of us to be missionary disciples. -- Most Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted, Bishop of Phoenix

If any of my kids is ever lost out there in the world, far from the Church, I am going to hope someone like Father Lawrence Carney comes along. -- Sherry Boas of CatholicMom.com

Finished this book in one day! Laughed and cried. It is a must read for anyone who also desires to begin their walk with God! -- Anne M. Stroup

After having read this authentic, innocent and inspired tome by Fr. Carney, I couldn't help but marvel at the sacrifices this wonderful priest has made for the Blessed Trinity. In the true tradition of Catholic evangelization, a la De Montfort and De Sales, Fr. Carney demonstrates, through love and by the grace of God, what one determined Catholic priest can do for the good of people and God's Kingdom. Through his daily interactions with myriad and seemingly random people, this true priest of Jesus Christ is helping to lead folks back to the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. You will be fairly amazed at the beautiful seeds planted and souls converted, and the amazing circumstances encountered in this process. Even in the fallen times we live in, "Walking the Road to God" is proof-positive that one man devoted to the hearts of Jesus and Mary can turn this ship around. Prepare to be inspired. -- Stephen Connelly
Trade Paperback. 203 pgs.
ISBN: 9781940209258
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Author Father Lawrence Carney
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